Collaboration, transparency, innovation, and savings 

edHEALTH is the preferred healthcare solution for faculty, staff, and their family members

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The principles we commit to


Through our purchasing clout, we consistently negotiate lower fees with less volatility than the skyrocketing healthcare cost trends experienced across the industry. Best of all -- member institutions share in the savings. The result: employee satisfaction, high quality of care, and valuable savings you can pass along to students and families.


edHEALTH is the innovative healthcare solution for educational institutions and their faculty, staff, and family members. Our self-insured offerings are tailored to meet the needs of our members. Through data analysis, cutting-edge programs, and decision support, we help educational institutions select programs that meet their needs while containing rising healthcare costs.


edHEALTH is a member-owned consortium run by and for its member institutions. Member owners share and learn from one another. Ask any of our members and they’ll tell you -- collaboration is a key benefit of belonging to edHEALTH.


Health insurance works when members are in the know. edHEALTH’s transparent approach means schools are in the know about all rate components. Members enjoy direct access to plan administrators. And, our collaborative approach enables colleges and universities to compare cost utilization, trends, and best practices with other member schools.

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edHEALTH is growing in numbers and expanding in services

Originally Massachusetts-based, edHEALTH is now poised to expand across the country. With multiple plan design configurations, stop-loss, and regional and national Third-Party Administrators (TPAs), member/owner colleges, universities, private and charter schools have an array of choices to meet their unique needs. New targeted population health initiatives help us improve quality of care and reduce costs.

Our Members
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edHEALTH brings common sense to healthcare coverage

Lower costs, transparent rates, member-tailored plans.

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This is what people say about us.

Wheaton College

Omaira Roy

Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, Wheaton College

edHEALTH is nimble, dependable, and an innovative partner.

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Boston College

John Burke

Financial Vice President and Treasurer, Boston College

The operating budget savings Boston College has realized on healthcare costs through edHEALTH have been beneficial to the...

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Brandeis University

Kevin Pierson

Director of Benefits and Wellness, Brandeis University

The collective knowledge of the member schools and staff is a valuable resource, and it’s exciting that edHEALTH is growing.

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David White

Vice President and Regional Director, U.S. Captive Management Services, AIG

The financial success of the Educators Health Exchange, edHEALTH’s stop-loss captive, is impressive. It’s a pleasure to work...

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Salve Regina University

William Hall

Vice President for Administration & Chief Financial Officer, Salve Regina University

The money Salve Regina has saved on healthcare costs through edHEALTH has been greatly beneficial to our bottom line. Through...

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Lasell University

Marymichele Delaney

Director of Human Resources, Lasell University

I’ve worked with edHEALTH both at Wellesley College and at Lasell University and have witnessed its evolution. The attractive...

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Olin College of Engineering

Stephen Hannabury

edHEALTH Chair and Executive Vice President Emeritus, Olin College of Engineering

Over the past six years, edHEALTH has generated significant faculty and staff healthcare cost savings, enabling colleges and...

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HCMS Group KnovaSolutions

Rene Sims

Vice President, Clinical Services Account Relations, HCMS KnovaSolutions

edHEALTH is very innovative at finding ways to leverage data to find healthcare cost reduction solutions. We enjoy and value...

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Wellesley College

Kelly Robinson

Associate Director of Benefits, Wellesley College

It’s a pleasure to be part of a forward-looking organization.

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Match Education

Anne Healy

Chief Financial Officer, MATCH Education

edHEALTH staff is professional and a true partner in providing healthcare solutions for our school.

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Spring Consulting Group

Teri Weber

Partner, Spring Consulting

Working with edHEALTH gave me a renewed appreciation for true partnership. Together, this coalition has experienced direct...

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Salve Regina University

Claudia Cavallaro

Associate Director of HR & Benefits, Salve Regina University

Tracy Hassett, President of edHEALTH and former Vice President of Human Resources at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is...

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Brandeis University

Michael DiPalma

Associate Controller, Brandeis University

Since joining edHEALTH, we’ve seen a positive impact on overall healthcare expense while gaining more cost transparency.

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