Self-Insured Healthcare Programs


Self-Insured Healthcare Programs

edHEALTH offers customized solutions for colleges, universities, and secondary schools. You’ll choose the administrator and plan design that works for your school and its faculty, staff, and family members.

Healthcare Administrator, Network, and Design Options

Healthcare Administrator Options

edHEALTH currently has a regional and national healthcare third-party administrator (TPA). We also use a prescription drug carve-out administrator.

Variety of Network Options

edHEALTH partners with a national TPA that has access to over 65 networks across the country. We use a customized approach to determine which network best meets the needs of a new member institution. We evaluate various options for network panel scope, how the network and types of care align with the institution’s utilization patterns, and for financial value. These findings are provided to the new member school and their advisor for final network determination.

Flexible Plan Designs

We offer a range of plan designs that are customized to meet the needs of edHEALTH members. Representatives from each member institution (typically benefits administrators) meet monthly to determine plan year design options. The Plan Design Committee’s collaboration with the plan administrators helps to ensure the optimal suite of choices.

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