Additional Programs Available


Three New Program Offerings Available to edHEALTH Schools

After listening to our member-owners, and working together to determine the right options, edHEALTH will offer the following service-centered and cost-effective programs to schools:

  • Administrative Services Vendor Partner: edHEALTH schools can select our new vendor partner for their benefit administration platforms, which includes supporting all of their COBRA/FSA/HSA and other administrative needs. The organization we chose is committed to service, analytics and reporting, technology, and a positive customer experience. 
  • Dental Insurance Vendor Partner: With robust plan designs, including enhanced preventive benefits, we partnered with a highly respected insurer that offers provider choice to faculty and staff at our member-owner schools. They are also highly respected for their excellent customer service. 
  • Diabetes Management Program: Diabetes is on the rise at an alarming rate in the United States. According to the CDC, an estimated 38.4 million people, 11.6% of the population, are coping with this serious condition. Fortunately, there are services dedicated to helping people with diabetes better manage their care, which in turn, can lower healthcare costs for our schools. We selected our new diabetes management partner based on their focus on wellness, lifestyle, nutrition, preventive health, and medication adherence – with a clinical team of pharmacists, nurses, and dieticians behind their personalized plans.