edHEALTH is nimble, dependable, and an innovative partner.

Omaira Roy
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, Wheaton College

Wheaton College

The operating budget savings Boston College has realized on healthcare costs through edHEALTH have been beneficial to the College. Through the edHEALTH program, we work directly with plan administrators to offer attractive benefits and comprehensive coverage for our faculty and staff.

Boston College

John Burke
Financial Vice President and Treasurer, Boston College

We control healthcare costs and do so much more as part of edHEALTH. What I find unique is the collaboration among other like-minded schools to uncover new opportunities that will benefit our faculty and staff on multiple levels.

Melissa Fletcher
Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller, Wellesley College

Wellesley College

I’ve worked with edHEALTH at Wellesley College, Lasell University, and College of the Holy Cross and have witnessed its evolution. The attractive rates speak for themselves, and we appreciate the financial savings edHEALTH provides. Additionally, the collaborative environment affords participating institutions with added benefits and resources.

College of the Holy Cross

Marymichele Delaney
Chief Human Resources Officer

Over the past six years, edHEALTH has generated significant faculty and staff healthcare cost savings, enabling colleges and universities to reallocate more money to the core business of education, while also keeping employees’ costs in check. Beyond cost savings, the edHEALTH population health initiatives improve care for employees and family members dealing with complex medical conditions. In addition to achieving attractive healthcare rates, edHEALTH began distributing dividends to member schools in April 2015, years sooner than expected. Now, with a growing number of participating schools, edHEALTH is poised for growth and has scaled up to serve educational institutions across the country.

Stephen Hannabury
edHEALTH Chair and Executive Vice President Emeritus, Olin College of Engineering

Olin College of Engineering

The money Salve Regina has saved on healthcare costs through edHEALTH has been greatly beneficial to our bottom line. Through the edHEALTH model, we work directly with plan administrators to offer attractive benefits, a broad provider network, and comprehensive coverage to our faculty and staff.

Salve Regina University

William Hall
Former Vice President for Administration & Chief Financial Officer

Tracy Hassett, President of edHEALTH and former Vice President of Human Resources at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is enthusiastic and committed to reducing health care costs. I value her knowledge, resources and the opportunity to work with her and the other edHEALTH schools.

Claudia Cavallaro
Associate Director of HR & Benefits, Salve Regina University

Salve Regina University

edHEALTH staff is professional and a true partner in providing healthcare solutions for our school.

MATCH Education

Anne Healy
Former Chief Financial Officer, MATCH Education

Since joining edHEALTH, we’ve seen a positive impact on overall healthcare expense while gaining more cost transparency.

Michael DiPalma
Associate Controller, Brandeis University

Brandeis University

Working with edHEALTH gave me a renewed appreciation for true partnership. Together, this coalition has experienced direct costs savings and better risk planning with minimal disruption to participants. They are a model of the positive change we can make when you link thought provoking and progressive ideas with the drive to implement them.

Spring Consulting Group

Teri Weber
Senior Vice President, Spring Consulting

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